My training can come as standalone seminars, bundles, or keynotes. The descriptions below will give you a clear idea of what you’re going to be getting should you book me. They are in three different categories: self-improvement, spiritual, and leadership/management.


Repairing the damages of doubt and increasing self-confidence

The participant will learn the seven ways self-doubt imposes its venom on us. We will place emphasis on the major causes of doubt for you to prevent its crushing onset. To better equip you, you will learn the factors that constitute a fertile ground for doubt to settle in. Doubt, if not addressed properly and promptly, tends to develop complications. Instead of undergoing these, you will learn how to turn doubt to your advantage. Right before you learn the techniques and practices of treating self-doubt to increase self-confidence, you will learn preliminary stages of preparing for positive change.


Prayer as it was meant to be

Each attendee will learn the myths and truths about prayer as presented in the Bible. We will dive deep into the discipline of prayer beginning by its fundamentals. You will then learn the different elements of prayer and how you can pray when there seems to be no spatial and temporal way. We will also learn how to apply prayer to current technology.


Strategic management

Strategic management is not just a type of classical management. Through this presentation, you will see a new window of opportunities that strategic management has to offer. We will take you through specific analyses beginning from external to internal organizational settings. We will travel through four important strategies: functional strategies, competitive strategies, corporate strategies, and international strategies.

Team building

We’ll study the facts and myths of team building. You will master the challenges of productivity and performance of the teams. We’ll teach you how to measure and reward performance. Then you will learn the major components of the team as well as the three pillars of the team. In the same vein, you will learn what constitutes the mastermind of the team. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of team leaders is decision-making. We will see how to navigate this challenge with much success. Likewise, instead of dreading conflicts, you will see how to transform conflicts to actionable assets for the team and the organization. Hence, you will learn how to boost creativity in your team. Furthermore, you will learn to implement effective leadership in your team while working with and not against competition and taking a giant step in the virtual world.

Leadership in full option

In this presentation, you will learn how to steer leadership in your organization. You will become fluent in the language of leadership upon completion of the seminar. The seminar itself will be about experiential leadership, thoughtful leadership and the values of effective leadership. In addition, you will become a motivational leader. You will step ahead of the crowd because we will make sense of leadership.