Practical Guide for Cancer Survivors

Strike a Blow at Cancer as you Learn to Improve Health, Improve Life, and Pursue your Dreams with Confidence

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Just because you got face-to-face with cancer doesn't mean that you can't resume a blissful life afterward!!! - Now's the time you neutralize the stigmata of cancer unpityingly and move on with confidence.

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Here's what's in it for you

Step-by-step, learn what to do during and AFTER the treatment of cancer

The course consists of sectioned lectures, real-life case studies, workbook, and supplemented materials

We did not just pack the material in a one-themed set of information. We broadened the knowledge for you. Therefore, we added compatible supplements/resources that will take you miles deeper into your exploration. These supplements will be PDF documents to consult online or download and use at your convenience. They may also be videos of the instructor deepening the scope of the information contained in the course or providing you with insights not directly contained in the course. These resources can constitute courses of their own, and some are taken from other courses. They are available to you at no additional cost, because you deserve them.

This is Karen Putz, a passion mentor and a world-class barefoot water skier. She was featured on USAToday She is the author of the famous book Unwrapping Your Passion. Karen willingly accepted to give us an exclusive interview that you will find in the course. It is heartwarming.

Sectioned Lectures

Lectures are in 9 sections. Each section examines one specific survey of the experience of cancer treatment and life afterward. They are designed to inform you beyond what popular knowledge imparts. You will walk away duly equipped to embrace life with confidence and audacity.

Real-life Case Studies

There are 6 case studies with real people and real life stories of overcoming suffering. We could, but did not use the dull method of hypothetical case studies. You will be challenged and championed by these case studies.

Supplemented Materials

These are your handouts. They include scientific findings that you want to know, promise.

Main benefits of the course

Let's see how to say this succinctly

We understand what cancer patients go through because we've been there. Unless one has a direct experience with cancer treatment, they cannot possibly talk about it, right? So, we thought of all those who're still taking their treatment - and we followed you along if you are already in the world rocking it.

Here's a story that took place. A person goes to the doctor for your yearly check up. But the doctor said, "I'm more worried about the nut right there on the side of your forehead; it could be melanoma." Guess what? The person was shaken a bit, who wouldn't right?

We have thought of that too. And we will show you how prepare to face the dreadful episode of the tests to be performed, then the diagnosis, then the treatment (if needed), and then a new life after cancer? We thought of it all.

Benefit 1 - This is what raises the odds of survival

We will debunk all the myths that exist about surviving cancer and any other type of severe suffering. We make it so easy to understand the process that even teenagers are welcome to take this course.

Benefit 2 - How to assist in your care

You are part of your care team. You're not an object. In fact, there's only so much others can do for you. We'll show you how to help out with no to little effort.

Benefit 3 - Step-By-Step Walk-through to breakthrough in your dreams as you walk away from the hospital

You don't even have to be a cancer patient or cancer survivor to benefit from this part. This is fully focused on business strategies. It is our treat for you. You will learn everything you need to know to take your idea from your head to your hand. You're welcome!

this is our promise

You're going to receive heartfelt life-changing experience

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After you take this course, cancer will be a disease for you, but just a disease to face, nothing more... ever!

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Take a Sneak Peek at a few of the people that participate in our case studies

Karen Putz

Vitalis Essala                                            Matt Woodrum                                                                                            Jean Kimble                                            

About our Case Studies

Real-life for real people

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    Show you how to navigate through severe pain in any area in which you are.
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    Give you a parchment to the success you want to achieve in life so that you can empower others who will also achieve leadership in their fields.

  • Get access to specialized knowledge that is directly applicable and useful for patients from diagnosis to the end of the treatment. Take your knowledge after the hospital and apply it to your calling.

  • Guided discussions and personalized talk during the course and after graduation through weekly group mentorship.

  • Lifetime access to the course, all the supplements added thereafter, and all the course correction forever at no additional cost.

  • Workbook to carry with you and study wherever seems fit for you.

  • Network with fellow students in the open forum we offer, so you will not be alone in your journey.

  • Learn how to start your own cancer support group at no additional cost.

  • Variety of topic addressed encompassing the maximum of needs commonly encountered.

We'll update this window as regularly as resources allow

We'll update this window as regularly as resources allow

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About the Whole Experience

We won't leave you grope in this journey alone...

We will assist you to answer your questions in real time. We will mentor you because we make relationships, we don't make clients. To insure this level of assistance, we provide this Facebook closed group so you can get all the help you need securely. Here we also hold weekly office hours during which we provide matchless resources to our members. Join today and start receiving your perks.

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Here's why:​​​​

We are living witnesses of what we teach.

We do not teach what we have not tried. We have intrinsic experience of our lecture. As a matter of fact, we do not even recommend a product or service that we haven't used or at least vetted. We are faulty humans, but we do our best to serve.

Every principle afforded in this course has constituted and still does our stepping stone. You can trust them.

When I first read his book, The Belief Vaccine, I was in a confused state of mind. I had been experiencing depression for quite some time. I wanted to do something with my life, but I just didn't what or how. I reached out to Vitalis who coached me for a year. That's when the light bulb came out. Today I am a Peace and Conflict expert because I found energy to go back to school and pursue my master's degree. I am resolutely blessing people with my ministry to them also. Thank you and God bless you, Vitalis."

Marie France

Peace and Conflicts Expert

I was so blessed by your ministry, Vitalis, that I would recommend you to anyone looking for someone who genuinely cares and has the anointing of the Lord. Keep blessing us with your ministry, my friend. God bless!"

Michele Lee

Social Worker

About the ​Author

Hi, Im Vitalis Essala

I'm a stage-four cancer survivor myself.

I know what severe pain is. I have bowed under the mighty weight of treatment. The Lord has seen me through. I lived to tell the story and warm your heart with hope that not only God can do it again, but He can help you achieve the status of a fulfilled person in His grace.

I have written varied materials from books to online courses. I can assure you that this course is of great value. And if you desire to know some more about me, you can do so below.


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Here are some common questions about Practical Guide for Cancer Survivors.

Can we reach out to the instructor if we need to? Absolutely, yes. Via our Facebook group or in the means provided in the course.

How long is the course? The course is made to be fully taken within 25 days. But your membership is for lifetime regardless of subsequent editions and resources at no additional cost.

Who can take this course? Cancer patients, cancer survivors, care takers, even teenagers.

Beside the course itself, what other materials can help us supplement this course? We have a podcast just for you. Check it out on http://www.actonyourdreamtoday.com/podcast/.

Who else can benefit from this course? In fact, we strongly recommend businesspeople to take this course because we have a section for them.

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