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This podcast helps cancer survivors and co-survivors improve health, improve life, and build a brand of their own.

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Episode #6: How to Cope with Cancer Treatment

Episode #5: How to Fund your Cancer Treatment 2

Episode #4: How to Fund your Cancer Treatment

Episode #3: How to Handle the Diagnosis of Cancer 2

Episode #2: How to Handle the Diagnosis of Cancer

Episode #1: Myths About Suffering

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In episode 6, you will learn to make educated decisions that will insure a smoother journey in the road ahead. Remember that you are not just a thing others are working on. You are an actor in your treatment. Therefore, your input will dictate the outcome.

Practical Guide for Cancer Survivors (Online course)

Strike a Blow at Cancer as you Learn to Improve Health, Improve Life, and Pursue your Dreams with Confidence

Cancer is not an automatic death sentence. and if it is terminal, there is still hope beyond this life. - Vitalis Essala


Just because you had cancer does not mean that you can't have a fulfilling life afterward. Even the regions that go through the aftermath of war deserve rejoicing. Your new normal can be different from your former normal, but you now have all the reasons in the world to appreciate life and enjoy every moment of it.


In this podcast, you'll get insider info on practical and scientific methods of leaving cancer behind you and living life forward. While we do not claim to provide medical or legal consulting, we will still scrutinize every bite of information we pass on to you to make sure it is digestible and easily applicable to every listener.

What we'll be covering in the first season

What to say and what to not say... 

To the suffering person.

What to do after the diagnosis

Your new life and professional decisions

You'd be surprised how many of us know nothing about Cancer

When I was diagnosed, I had no idea what I was getting into. Don't be like me, be informed!

Vitalis Essala

I am your humble author, speaker, coach, and online instructor. Soon to be podcaster... LOL. You can check me out here.

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Cancer is not an automatic death sentence. and if it is terminal, there is still hope beyond this life. - Vitalis Essala