Welcome to Inclusive Leadership, the leadership that encompasses all the components of society.

In this video we are outlining what will be discussed throughout our new series on leadership.

People confuse the term leader and the term manager. This video explains succinctly what a leader is as opposed to a manager.

If you want to be a great manager someday, here are important things to know!

Leading without justice is a dictatorship. Inclusive leadership is far from a dictatorship. This video smoothly introduces you to the foundational and fundamental things an inclusive leader should enforce. You may contact the author by visiting his website or social media handles as shown below. Please leave a question or a comment for thought.

Continuation of fundamentals 1

Every conflict that happens in a leadership context is hinged around three core principles: Freedom, Order, or Equality (FOE). It is difficult to promote the three. But there is a way to do so. Let me explain how.

One thing that everyone who has ever made a great impact in the world has is a goal. No one can succeed without a clear, concise, and identifiable goal. Let’s talk about this!

Having a goal in one thing. Taking action on it is another. The difference between a leader and a follower is that the follower has goals on which he never acts whereas the leader always acts on his goals. Join me as I talk about how to act on your goals.

The 21st century is going down as one of the most structurally violent centuries in human history so far. Acts of terrorism tear families apart every day; hunger claims its victims by the millions; and intolerance swirls as a strong wind. All of this is evidence that there is a dire need for new leadership in the world. Please join me in the effort of pondering ways to get to that new leadership that will temper down the damages of our new world.

A leader who is a jack of all trade will be master of all failure. It is not allowed to know or do everything. Life has set limits to men. Each person has two limits they cannot cross in life. The one is what society imposes, and the other is what circumstances impose. Join me in this video and let’s discuss the limits of life.