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Coaching with Vitalis

What makes you want to find a coach right now?

Anyone who wishes to accomplish great results in life gets into a positive environment. A positive environment creates a positive mindset. A positive mindset pulls creativity, productiveness, and success, fast. How badly do you want to reach great results?

Mentors and coaches are some of the best individuals successful people hang out with regularly. So, your decision of finding a coach is one you will always be proud of. As we all know, life is a complex web of torques and curves difficult to navigate alone. Do you have a partner in your journey? I’d be my pleasure to talk with you and maybe serve you.

It is not even thinkable to have a sports team or sports player without a coach. And we all know that the most famous victories come from sports. Life is a tournament with rounds akin to sports. Coaches provide the same support, encouragement, insight, and inspiration in competitive sports just as well as they do in active life.


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In my coaching, I help people with a traumatic past (I’ll explain traumatic in a moment) and open to biblical principles increase confidence, so that they can position themselves as leaders in their fields. They will turn their drawbacks into their best assets. Successful people will grow their success to an extended scale and those that are seeking their lane will find clarity, fast. Does this describe you?

What about traumatic?

You have a traumatic past if you belong to one of the following:

  • You or your loved one is dealing or has dealt with a difficult sickness;
  • You or your loved one has lost someone dear to you;
  • You or your loved one has lost a position and is struggling to find a safe spot;
  • You or your loved one just doesn’t know where to go because life has become messy;
  • You or your loved one has just filed for divorce, bankruptcy, or is overloaded with debts;
  • You or your loved one has had a difficult spin in your career, faith, family, or business and you are trying to get back up,

to me, you have a traumatic past. I can serve you.

Book a 30-minute exploratory session with me

My clients will gain clarity about their personal situations. Furthermore, they will discover and clearly define their calling and gain knowledge on how to act on their dreams.

We work with three different clients: individuals, groups, and organizations. Each category of client has a specific package as explained further down. For company needs, see training page.

This is what others have to say.
I was so inspired by you that I am thankful for having met you.
Listening to you was a blessing and I hope you continue using that
gift God gave you to inspire others to be more confident.
Michelle L. Post
Glenburn Center, Maine, USA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dear Vitalis,
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the results of your coaching. When we first met, I was desperate and confused about what I wanted to do and how I could do it. You helped me believe in myself again and put a life plan in place. I’m thriving in my master’s program and my ministry. Thank you so much.
Marie France Kouam
Greensboro, NC USA

Here is a snapshot of the benefits you are going to get:

  1. Clearer, more rewarding goals

  2. Rapid personal evolution and development

  3. Optimization of ideas

  4. Faster results and advancement

  5. Clearer, sharper thinking

  6. Higher profits and profitability

  7. Happier, more fulfilling life

  8. More money and security

  9. Meaningful accomplishments


Who do I serve?

If you are:

  • An individual wanting to achieve more, fast


  • Entrepreneurs wanting to double sales and profits, can’t meet the payroll, or adding a new product


  • Professionals wanting to build a full practice, to take their practice to tier one practice, to be financially independent


  • Managers and Executives wanting to reach high targets and quotas, pull off large projects, or increase productivity

I can help you!

You may choose one of the following packages.


Self-confidence Breakthrough

In this package you will gain clarity on the issues that drive down your confidence and nurture self-doubt. You will find tools to address those taunting issues confidently. Additionally, you will turn your drawbacks into assets to maximize on. This package will help you recognize, prevent, and extirpate self-doubt.


Acting on your dream

In this package we will work together to define or redefine your dream. We will design your master-set goal composed of a major life goal broken down into smaller easily achievable ones. You will walk away with a project, not

Read this book here!
See if you say, “Yes!” to one or more of these questions.
Do you have a dream and would like to know how to act on it?
Are you wondering how to find out what your calling is?
Are you acting on your dream and want clarity and guidance?
This book is for you. Read it here.

just a blurry thought about what matters most to you and how to implement it. Your coach will help you define the scope of your project from start to completion.


Living- Loving-Leading (LLL)

In this package you will learn the ins and outs of a fulfilled life as the leader you were meant to be. This package will help our regular family person, but it is more inclined to help those that see themselves as leaders in organizations. Your coach will work with you to help you steer leadership in your organization. Amongst other benefits of this package, you will gain knowledge on the language of leadership, how to lead a life of a leader, and how to become a motivational leader.

When you are ready, go to the Intake for Coaching clients page and fill out the form provided to speed up the process and have Vitalis reach out to you in a timely manner.



For each package, click on the package to send me a message, and we will get together to decide whether we are a good fit for each other before we kick off our session.

Basic $235

90 minutes of exploratory session where I’ll help you understand your personality and the tools you need to get ahead in your own pace. We will focus on one specific issue for optimum result. With this package, you will choose one of these three options (discover your personality and the kind of work that would be most fitting for you; address a specific issue of your interest; show you five ways to increase your self-confidence.)


Silver Package $777

  • 5×1 hour coaching sessions (once a week.) We will work on one or two issues that are of interest to you and  deep dive into its roots to extract the best out of it. You will gain clarity on your interest and design a decisive path to follow.
  • May combine sessions for longer time if needed
  • Emails support during coaching

Payment installment options: $400×2 or pay $777 upfront (save $23)


Gold Package $1,390

In this package we will dive deeper into the matter of your interest to find new ways to address your issue.

  • 9×1 hour coaching sessions (once a week)
  • May combine sessions for longer time if needed
  • Emails support during coaching period
  • Special Act On Your Dream Today gift box ($230 value)

Payment installment options: $735×2 or pay $1,390 upfront (save $80) Talk to me for installments.


Ongoing $616/month (six-month commitment paid in full upfront) after completing the silver package

Note: All packages will come with a hard copy of my book, The Belief Vaccine + a mystery bonus.