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…but I’m Scared!

We all are

This morning, I experienced something very unusual. I got myself in a situation where I faced my fear. I’m not going to tell you what my fear is, but I panicked and could fall if I didn’t have a good balance. My heart pumped, my nerves fired a good dose of hormones and I almost stopped breathing. Where is my confidence guy? Um huh. No, all my confidence jumped off the window. It took me a minute to go looking for it again. Ok, I’m being sarcastic, but I faced my fear this morning. Continue reading …but I’m Scared!

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The Chinese farmer who lost his axe

His nephew had stolen it

It’s a pleasure to meet you again. One day, a Chinese farmer lost his axe. He thought in himself a bit, and realized his nephew was the only person who knew where he hid it. Obviously, the nephew has stolen it. What did the uncle do then? He did what every wise uncle would do: he kept his silence, hoping that the nephew would come out and declare his decline of morals or would entrap himself by making unintentional avows. The uncle waited but the nephew tarried. And something surprising happened. Continue reading The Chinese farmer who lost his axe

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The Beggar Who Failed to Beg

He did not have enough confidence to ask for help or to quit

Let me surprise you with a wild true story. Once upon a time, two boys were fighting. Or were they? In fact, one was beating up on the other. I can’t remember how they got to the fists, but that’s not important. Apparently, there was no other way for the boys to settle their issue than to throw fits at each other. Now although you’d call it a fight, one boy stood there with one shoulder facing the other boy. The other boy was hitting his shoulder repeatedly. When the left shoulder was tired of receiving the beating, the boy turned the other way and the other boy continued hitting. Continue reading The Beggar Who Failed to Beg

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Breaking loose from the old way of finding help

Once upon a time, when we needed help, we rushed down the street or across the highway to find it. We went to grandpa or grandma. Back then, we just suspected that our grandparents had life experience: therefore, they could provide us with all the help we needed. Nothing bad with that. Age enforces experience in us whether we are conscious of the matter or not. But what is also true and fair to say is that we gain experience in whichever circumstances life takes us. If life does not take us through a specific route, chances are we are not going to develop any experience in that area. Continue reading Breaking loose from the old way of finding help

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Listening with Understanding and Empathy

How much would you pay someone who offered to sit tight, their elbows fixed on the table with their hands on their mouth, and tilted forward toward you listening to you for as long as it takes until you had nothing more to add whether your speech were stressful, accusatory, or praiseful? Or what was the last time you listened to someone from start to end without interrupting? Those that listen possess the most powerful spiritual strength only known to able leaders. You will not understand if you do not listen. You will not be productive if you don’t leave your seat to step in another person’s shoes, which is empathy. Let’s consider these terms more in-depth, one at a time. Continue reading Listening with Understanding and Empathy

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Habit of Mind #1: Persisting

If the mother does not persist when the baby refuses to use her bottle, that child will never learn how to get food from anything else except the mother’s milk. If the mother does not persist with the baby when it only wants to lay down, that child will never learn the skills of sitting, standing, or crawling. If the mother is not persistent with the baby to give it the medicine when that baby is refusing it, that baby will never recover from fever. Continue reading Habit of Mind #1: Persisting