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Breaking loose from the old way of finding help

Once upon a time, when we needed help, we rushed down the street or across the highway to find it. We went to grandpa or grandma. Back then, we just suspected that our grandparents had life experience: therefore, they could provide us with all the help we needed. Nothing bad with that. Age enforces experience in us whether we are conscious of the matter or not. But what is also true and fair to say is that we gain experience in whichever circumstances life takes us. If life does not take us through a specific route, chances are we are not going to develop any experience in that area.

A grandma who was born and raised in Northern England and who never left the country and taught in the local parish school of the village will in no way gain much experience to help us sort out an issue we are dealing with in North America, such as dealing with the IRS. For this specific matter, we need a grandma with IRS experience. Now, we can’t have many grandmas at a time. At the most, we may have a couple or maybe more depending on the case. Nonetheless, our grandma will only give us what she knows.

In modern times, we need experts and specialists to sort out issues. We need counselors, coaches, and mentors. These will never replace our grandparents, but they complement them. The beauty with coaches is that we can find one in each aspect of life. We can change them if we are no longer satisfied with them. Furthermore, our coach will never have heartache because we did not apply their advice. Grandma will let us know about our stubbornness. Is it not time to break loose from our old way of finding help?

Consider your issue today. You deserve a coach on that. Yes, you deserve to invest in yourself because coaches are not for free. But investing in coaching is the wisest thing one will ever do. Whether you need to lose weight, find a new job, or achieve a dream, your coach will work tirelessly with you to get you through.

If you would like to work with me, I will be happy to do so. I help people boost their self-confidence, achieve their dream, and position themselves as the leader they were meant to be. I will commit myself to your cause and you will gain clarity, direction, and determination without which it is impossible to achieve a goal.

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