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Benefit #1 Trusted accountability partner

- We corporately sit, discuss about, and commit to your success.

- You find an accountability partner.

- Whether you use our material on your own or you commit to a coaching session, we focus on YOU.

- We invest fully to your success.

- We challenge you to keep up the pace.

- We celebrate you.

Benefit #2 Clarity from day one

- If we cannot put our finger on what it is we should focus on, then we may not be a fit: we value your time and ours also.

- From day one we zero in to your life purpose and define the contours with you.

- We gauge your level of confidence and suggest a course of action.

- Together, we work out a plan for you to follow to improve your leadership positioning.

- You will see what your eyes just couldn't see before.


Benefit #3 Ongoing assistance

- You are not left on your own even after our work together has ended. You will get our ongoing assistance via multiple avenues.

- You are welcome to solicit assistance often times from us.

- Many a time our customers become our best friends.

- You will have full access to our free resources and lots of discounts on our premium programs.

- Hey, we want to see you grow!

We're here to help, anytime.

1 thing I know...
If I had one reason to find a  community, this would be it

Plain and simple, you cannot succeed alone. Let's face it. And, and, and... your friends and family members will not always be your cheerleaders. You know why? Because they love you, and they don't want to see you hurt. So, they will lovingly advise you to not dream that loftily and just be content.

...but you are confident that there's more in store you!

Our community says, "Dream as big as you can't even fathom." And they cheer you on. They are not your competitors. Rather, they engage with you in a constructive and collaborative competition where everybody wins.

Your investment with us is paid off many times over. Either you gain the knowledge you didn't have before, or you make your knowledge become a tangible fact, or you find a way to make your life be more meaningful and purposeful.


Listen, we are social beings. We were meant to live in communities. The modern world has not been helping in that sense. We say no; let's meet again and have real-time connecting relationships. How do we do this?

Weekly mini video-seminars, private groups where real-time questions are answered in real time and custom-tailored for the specific need, and so much more.

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1 thing I know...
If I had one more reason to find a  community, this would be it

If you are 20 years and over, you have encountered some type of trauma, or at least a situation where you didn't know what to do. In our community, we have a wealth of experience. You have here people who have been through despicable pain. They have fought with life-threatening situations. They know what it means to lose confidence.

You will find five ways to boost your confidence and pursue your life course with meaning.

If you are in business or wanting to enter it, there are real-life tips you need. If your business is falling apart and you feel that you are losing your reserve of confidence, I hear you. Let's sit down and talk. 

If you are successful already in your field, so happy for you. Join us and become a mentor. Also, can you imagine a football prayer with no coach?

Successful people always have coaches and mastermind groups.

We will offer you that to keep your confidence up and running in tune.

Join our community now.

or just call me on my cell 207-551-8021

We All Have Those Moments When Our Confidence Is Tried. We Need That Kick. We Have Lots Of Resources For That Purpose.

1 thing I know...
If I had just one more reason to find a  community, this would be it

- We have a culture of excellence with us. That means you will, if you desire it, accomplish your dreams. We will help you do just that.

- To be where people share their knowledge freely and frivolously is a blessing. We are blessed with that gift in our community.

- If I need a service, I would get it from the members of my community, unless no one in the community offers that service. In our community, we buy from each other. If you have a service or products you're selling, you can bless us with them by selling to us.

- We provide reputation in that we promote each other's services and products.

- There are steep discounts for the members of the community that buy from their co-members.

These are just a few benefits you get from our community.

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Vitalis helped me get back on track.

When I first read his book, The Belief Vaccine, I was in a confused state of mind. I had been experiencing depression for quite some time. I wanted to do something with my life, but I just didn't what or how. I reached out to Vitalis who coached me for a year. That's when the light bulb came out. Today I am a Peace and Conflict expert because I found energy to go back to school and pursue my master's degree. I am resolutely blessing people with my ministry to them also. Thank you and God bless you, Vitalis.

Marie France Kouam
Peace and Conflict Expert

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Even when you are talented about something, learning must still take place. Ben Carson (the neurosurgeon who made history by performing the first surgery on German conjoint twins and who later became Secretary of State under President Trump) was nicknamed gifted hands. He was a gifted surgeon indeed. But did he go to school to learn the art? He did. Maybe that is not a good example because everyone needs to go to a med school to become a medical doctor. But when your child shows talent in something such as an instrument, what do you do? 

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Learn The Strategy That The Biggest Online Streaming Company Uses to Rise Above its Competition.

This course, “Building Productivity: The Netflix Way,” is for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and team leaders.  It provides an in-depth examination of the principle of incentivizing employees to gain their collaborative interest and provoke genuine productivity. The purpose of the course is to train the student in the process of designing incentives that meet conventional standards across industries.

5 Models of Prayer

In the beginning, says the Bible, “God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1: 1) Again, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was White Notebook and Yellow Pencilwith God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) When you continue reading the book of Genesis, there was no concern about the climate. Everything

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