Hi, I'm Vitalis

I help people grow confidence and position themselves as leaders in their field.

I focus on three areas:

- Confidence --- I help you increase self-                                                          confidence by clarifying your                                                dreams and pursuing them

- Cancer survivors --- I help them improve health, improve life, and create a brand for of their own. 

- Spirituality --- I help you pray fervently well and                                        expose yourself to the Holy Spirit                                          constantly

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Benefit #1 Increase confidence

- We corporately sit, discuss about, and commit to your success.

- You find an accountability partner.

- Whether you use our material on your own or you commit to a coaching session, you focus on YOU.

- You gain confidence. You gain clarity about your goals and achieve them, fast.

- Your aura and halo place you in a leading position.

- Your enthusiasm empowers others and leaves you fulfilled.

Benefit #2 Cancer Survivor?

- Others may not understand that life after cancer is never the same; I do. I am a cancer survivor myself. We'll work together to help you integrate your new self.

- I will show you how to know that you need professional help and how to find it.

- Even when we are several years out of cancer, we still need insightful information about our long-term care. My plan of coaching and continued relationship avenues provide you with updated information in that effect.

- You will be guided all the way to find peace and coordinated calm from within.

- You'll learn how to make new goals and run with them.

- Learn how to create a Cancer Support Group.

Benefit #3 Spirituality

- You will learn to pray conversationally.

- Become the one to pray when the group is asked.

- Become an intercessor.

- Go from beginner to prayer mentor in a month.

- Prayer is not just a practice or rite, it is the Christian's life blood. You will learn how to make prayer become your second nature.

- Master the will of God and how to pray according to God's will.

- Learn how to understand God's answer to prayer.

- Learn to recognize the favorable time to ask for some things.

- Learn how to lead prayer sessions.

Still unsure? Follow these three sections carefully.

Section 1
One of the many reasons to join the community

Plain and simple, you cannot succeed alone. Forget about it. And, and, and... your friends and family members will not always be your cheerleaders. You know why? Because they love you, and they don't want to see you hurt. So, they will lovingly advise you not dream that loftily and just be content.

Our community says, "Dream as big as you can even fathom." And they cheer you on. They are not your competitors. Rather, they engage with you in a constructive and collaborative competition where everybody wins.

Your investment with us is paid off many times over. Either you gain the knowledge you didn't have before, or you make your knowledge become a tangible things, or you find ways to make that extra buck a month.

Listen, we are social beings. We were meant to live in communities. The modern world has not been helping in that sense. We say no; let's meet again and have real-time connecting relationships. How do we do this?

Weekly mini video-seminars, private groups where real-time questions are answered in real time and custom-tailored for the specific need, and so much more.

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Section 2
We address real issues

If you are 20 years and over, you have encountered some type of trauma, or at least a situation where you didn't know what to do. In our community, we have a wealth of experience. You have here people who have been through despicable pain. They have fought with life-threatening situations. They know what severe pain is and how they can help anyone going through the same situation.

If you have been through severe pain, we need you to help us grow with your experience. If you don't even know what severe pain is, we need you to learn from us. You do not have to make the same mistakes we've made. Learn and avoid some unnecessary hoops.

If you are in business or wanting to enter it, there are real-life tips you need. If you business is falling apart and you want new blood, I hear you. We do not guarantee any outcome, but at least we will provide genuine insights which may prove salutary. 

If you are successful and you want to mentor and add more value to your life, you what I'm gonna say, right? We need you. We need that blend of experience.

Join our community now.

We appreciate your feedback. If you see anything on this website that spikes your interest or concern, we would like to know. Please reach out to us here.

Section 3
It all starts and ends here

My life is a miracle of God. I hope you see that yours is, too. I wouldn't be doing what I do if it wasn't for His Providence. It is for a purpose that I was called to introduce people to the unfathomable power and benefits of prayer.

In one of his training programs, Dave Ramsey says that "Prayer really works." I couldn't agree more.

I invite you to bear with me, so we can all explore the depth of this heaven-bound practice of prayer. I recommend you start your mornings with and in prayer. Start your tasks in and with prayer. End every day with prayer and in prayer. You will see the difference in your life.

The difference I refer to is not the promise of wealth or any kind of mercantile belongings. Each person is different. The closeness we have and cultivate with God in prayer is what makes the difference.

I know, some don't know how to pray. If that's you, it's okay. That's what I'm here for to do: to help you go from beginner to an intercessor.

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Vitalis helped me get back on track.

When I first read his book, The Belief Vaccine, I was in a confused state of mind. I had been experiencing depression for quite some time. I wanted to do something with my life, but I just didn't what or how. I reached out to Vitalis who coached me for a year. That's when the light bulb came out. Today I am a Peace and Conflict expert because I found energy to go back to school and pursue my master's degree. I am resolutely blessing people with my ministry to them also. Thank you and God bless you, Vitalis.

Marie France Kouam
Peace and Conflict Expert

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