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“When what we are is what we want to be, that’s happiness.” – Malcom Forbes

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People always complain about life, the government, the family, and their lack of marketable skills. They settle for less because…

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 …they just need to get by. I sympathize with them; It is not easy to make ends meet these days. Now has it ever been easy to make ends meet at all? There will be contrasting answers to this but my point is, you do not have to settle for less forever. There is always a way to lead the life you would enjoy  (fully). You can’t do anything about outside factors. You have no power over them but there is something you have power over

The only power you have, which no one can take from you,

is the power of your mind. You decide

what kind of thoughts will feed your mind. No decree will take that power away from you. Inmates, battered individuals, kidnapped people in captivity, the persecuted, and people fighting illness all

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have complete control of their mind . . . to a point. They control their mind and ever will unless they allow others to control  it.

If you take nothing else from this site today, at least take this with you: reasonably you control your mind. Therefore, you control your thoughts. It means you can decide which way to take your life if you want to because your thoughts are a major part of what you become in life.

What you think about the most is what WILL become real in your life. Obviously, we all face situations and circumstances that can slow our progression down, but if we don’t nurture our mind with positive thinking, then these circumstances will hold us still. Here is my philosophy:

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Read this book here!

Whatever you want or desire, can be yours if you do what it takes.

What it takes is the control of your mind. Watch and check the thoughts you put in your mind. They can control your entire life. People have died just because they believed there was nothing else to do. Luckily, people have survived unexplanable trials just because they believed they had the right to live.

Your mind is your most treasured asset in this world. Cherish it more than anything else. Believe in yourself and who can tell if the Lord will not help you win against all odds. Dream the world, you will achieve the world.

If you know what your dream is, you will find food to feed it on this site. If you do not know what your dream is, you will find tools to help you define your dream. You may contact me at any time for personal assistance. SEX


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